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2024 State of the Club letter from Cliff Teixeira, President

Our Mission: To provide a fun, healthy, recreational, and competitive social activity in a structured setting which fosters friendship and camaraderie and by doing so helps to grow the sport of pickleball in Bristol, Rhode Island.

 I would like to say a few words about the state of our club as we close out 2023 and begin a new year. After reading “Our Mission” statement above , I truly believe that we have lived up to these high standards and that our organization continues to be a model of success throughout our area.

All of this would not be possible without the generosity of our members and the dedicated volunteers who help with the day-to-day operations. On July 22nd our beautiful new pickleball courts were officially opened with a dedication ceremony. We were thrilled to finally see the completion of these courts.


This past year your donations have helped with the following:

·       The purchase of new pickleball equipment. (Pickleballs, nets, beginner loaner paddles, new laminated whiteboards, first aid supplies, rubber mats and a new leaf blower with an extra battery and charger.), (Misc. office expenses and liability insurance)

·       AED and CPR training and certification of nine of our volunteers. Our goal is to have at least two AED & CPR certified volunteers on court for any of our scheduled sessions.

·       $2,240 was collected and donated to the East Bay Food Pantry & Thrift Shop.

Financially, our club is in a solid financial position to continue forward with anticipated expenses in the coming new year. Additionally, we have been in talks with the Parks & Rec Dept about some concerns and improvements that we feel should be addressed.


Our Holiday party was such a success this year. A big thank you for all the hard work that our social committee and volunteers did to help make this event such a hit.


Also, as our numbers continue to grow, we decided to expand the leadership roles of our non-profit organization and create a new ‘Board of Directors” to help with the operational challenges that we will be facing in the future. 


So it is with great pleasure that I officially announce the names of our the new board:


Cliff Teixeira, President, Board Chair

Mike Morrell, Vice-President, Vice Chair

John Cabral, Board Director, Instructor

Mike Tomaselli, Treasurer, Instructor

Jeff Whitney, Secretary, Website admin., Instructor

Joey Flesner, Social Committee, Social Media

Eileen Malloy, Social Committee

Cathy Winston, Social Committee

Paul Bolduc, Court Maintenance, Instructor

Jeff Cabral, Court Maintenance, Instructor


Wishing our Bristol Pickleball community, a “Wonderful & Happy New Year.”     

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